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2021 Nomination for Secretary - Taylor Burnidge

SCCA - Texas Region

Sep 15, 2020 - Oct 11, 2020

All members who list TX Region as their chapter of record are allowed to participate in the nomination process.  This is the electronic equivalent of the paper form that is available on the TX Region website.  (LINK to paper form) 


Info on member seeking nomination:

Taylor Burnidge - seeking nomination as Secretary. 

Job Description of Secretary from the TX Region bylaws:

The Secretary, or that Officer’s designee, shall attend all Texas Region meetings and shall record all minutes and outcome of votes and maintain a file thereof. The Secretary will be responsible for obtaining an up-to-date roster of all Texas Region members from the ARE Membership for all mailings required of the Secretary by these Bylaws. The Secretary shall give all notices of meetings required by these Bylaws and shall perform all duties incident to the office required by these Bylaws or by a majority of the Board. The Secretary shall have custody of Texas Region records and the corporate seal (if there be one), shall conduct Texas Region correspondence as required, and shall maintain the Texas Region mailing address. In the temporary absence of the RE, the Secretary shall preside at meetings of the members and Officers.

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